Draper Associate’s Tim Draper Joins as an Advisor

From left to right, Rajeev Gupta, Kyle Pu, Tim Draper, Rohan Gupta, Bill Wu, and Dr. Haglund. Hero City, across from Draper University in San Mateo. July 16th, 2018.

Tim Draper, an established billionaire venture capitalist, has agreed to become an advisor of Peersdom!

Draper is an established name in Silicon Valley due to his early investments in companies and technologies such as Tesla, Hotmail, Twitch, Skype, as well as the many companies he’s founded (Draper Associates, Draper University, and DFJ – his own venture capital firm). He attended Stanford University for his undergraduate studies and later went to Harvard Business School for a Master’s in Business. Draper has also won awards such as: “‘Entrepreneur for the World’ from the World Entrepreneur Foundation, ‘Distinguished Citizen’ from Commonwealth Club, ‘Midas List’ from Forbes, ‘100 Most Powerful People in Finance’ from Worth, Top 100 most influential Harvard Alumni, ‘#1 Top Venture Capital Dealmaker from Always-On.’ Draper is also the co-creator of viral marketing, a growth strategy that allowed Skype and Hotmail to grow as exponentially as they did.

Draper has come on board as an advisor to provide mentorship regarding entrepreneurship and best business practices, as well as how to successfully grow a small Silicon Valley startup into an established business. He is the hero that helps people connect, gain users, and ultimately find a successful pathway for their business. On the 16th of July, Rohan, Bill, and Kyle, along with Rajeev Gupta and PUSD superintendent Dr. David Haglund ventured to Hero City where they met with Tim Draper and pitched Peersdom – the vision, the product, and the potential it would have.

With much interest and curiosity in the idea, Tim Draper, an icon in the business world, agreed to join Peersdom as an advisor! The Peersdom team is honored to have Tim Draper on board and looks forward to a productive future!


Written by Kyle Pu

July 19th, 2018

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